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Big Elegant Scarf

The Big Elegant Scarf is made of hand-woven silk of the best quality; it is a very durable and wea..

Big Raw Silk Shawl

The Big Raw Silk Shawls are one of our most luxurious products in the silk collection. They are th..

Chorebap Scarf

The Chorebap Scarf is undoubtedly an elegant luxury piece, and one that is perfect for special oc..





Dandy scarf

50x190cm. Exists in six different colors. ..

Elegant Scarf

Add some luxurious simplicity to your wardrobe with this beautiful silk scarf. The scarf comes in ..

Evening Scarf

Made entirely from hand-woven raw silk and organza in the Siem Reap province in Cambodia, this lu..

Hol Lboeuk

Dimensions: 200cm x 60cm  Each scarf produced using the sophisticated hôl lboeuk method take..

Jasmine Scarf

The Jasmine scarf is made out of had-woven silk that bears geometrical motifs of Jasmine. This sca..

Lboeuk Scarf

The Lboeuk Scarf is a hand woven scarf made of the finest silk. It is one of the specialties of t..

Magic organza scarf

Made of pure silk. 7.5cm x 140cm.  ..

Man Scarf

Man Scarf ..

Morning Scarf

This beautiful silk scarf was hand woven by our artisans in our workshops in the Cambodian provinc..

Multicolor stripes scarf

This multicolor stripes scarf is made of 100% pure silk. It exists in four different colors. ..

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