Silk Bag

Silk Bag

Caba bag

This gorgeous Caba bag is made from 100% pure silk and comes in deep, rich four colors: Aubergine,..

Fancy bag

Complete your look and style with one of these beautiful silk handbags, perfect for evening wear o..

Hobo bag

The Hobo Bag is a great accessory to have when looking to go out for a night on the town, or simpl..

Leisure bag (raw silk)

The Leisure Bag has a number of functions, due to its choice of shapes. It is made from raw silk, ..

Mini bag

Simplify your life in style with this hand-woven silk mini bag that is large enough to hold keys, ..

Multi pocket bag

The Multipocket Bag is both a trendy and practical piece which contains a number of pockets, each..

Pocket bag

This versatile fold-over envelope bag is made from hand-woven pure silk. It comes in a selection o..

Ring bag

This Ring Bag is a handbag made of pure silk of the finest quality. It has round wooden handles wh..

Shoulder Bag

This Shoulder Bag is made of hand woven silk of the finest quality. It has hand printed designs of..

Small shopping bag

This charming silk handbag has been made from hand-woven pure silk and decorated with celestial Ap..

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