List all tea products made in Cambodia

Anise Tea

Anise tea is known to promote calmness, balance and relaxation. Our hand blend Anise tea is made..

Bael Tea

Bael tea is proven to promote clear thinking, balanced emotions and digestive bliss. Our hand bl..

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea..

Hibiscus (Roselle) Tea

Hibiscus (Roselle) Tea..


Papaya Leaf, Bael Fruits, CardamomVolume 10cups..

Jasmin Relaxation

Kirum relaxation herbal tea is an ideal brew for relaxing easily. The relaxing effects of jasmine ..


Lemongrass, Sun Dry Green Mango, Roseapple, Star AniseVolume 10cups..

Lemongrass Digestion

Kirum digestion herbal tea is an ideal brew for feeling good after meals. The combination of the..

Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass Tea..

Lemongrass Tea (100g)

The Health Benefits lemongrass include relief from stomach disorders, insomnia, fever, aches, infect..

Moringa green Tea

Moringa green Tea..

Moringa Mix Tea

Moringa Mix Tea..

Moringa Tea

Moringa isn’t just a healthy source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for our body, it can also ..

Moringa Tea Box 30sit

The Moringa Leaves are the main ingredient for making Moringa tea. Moringa is used to lead a he..

Origin Detox

Kirum Detox herbal tea is the ideal solution to profoundly purify your organism. It contains a nat..

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