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Fashion products made in Cambodia

River Chorebap Scarf

Dimensions: 200cm x 60cm ..

Romduol raw silk scarf

Dimensions: 40cm x 170cm ..

Rough Scarf

The Rough scarf is part of the collection of hand woven silk scarves. It is made of raw silk of th..

Shoulder Bag

This Shoulder Bag is made of hand woven silk of the finest quality. It has hand printed designs of..

Shoulder Case

This beautiful shoulder case is a testament to artistry and tradition while offering functionality..

Silk Shirt

The Silk Shirt hand-woven and sewn by our artisans is something that will never go out of style. I..

Sleeveless Shirt

This classy and refined Sleeveless Shirt is the perfect casual garment that can be worn to a wide ..

Small Jasmine Scarf

The Small Jasmine Scarf is a beautiful luxury piece that will certainly catch the eye of any obser..

Small shopping bag

This charming silk handbag has been made from hand-woven pure silk and decorated with celestial Ap..

Two Split Dress

The Two Split Dress is a garment that presents both a very simple yet effective design. It is some..

Vichy Scarf

With the Vichy Scarf, a more modern look can be achieved. This kind of accessory is perfect for th..

Wrap-around Dress

This beautifully designed wrap-around dress has been created by hand by our artisans using pure s..

Wrap-Around Pants

The airy Wrap-Around Pants are a great addition to a light and breezy outfit that can be worn duri..

Wrapped around Dress

This Wrapped-Around Dress will not only help to create an ambiance of elegance, but it will also s..

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