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Fashion products made in Cambodia

Evening Scarf

Made entirely from hand-woven raw silk and organza in the Siem Reap province in Cambodia, this lu..

Fancy bag

Complete your look and style with one of these beautiful silk handbags, perfect for evening wear o..

Hobo bag

The Hobo Bag is a great accessory to have when looking to go out for a night on the town, or simpl..

Hol Lboeuk

Dimensions: 200cm x 60cm  Each scarf produced using the sophisticated hôl lboeuk method take..

Jasmine Scarf

The Jasmine scarf is made out of had-woven silk that bears geometrical motifs of Jasmine. This sca..

Kid Sandal (4year-8years)

Kid Sandal (4year-8years)..

Kid Sandal (4years-8years)

Kid Sandal (4years-8years)..

Kid Sandal (5month-4years)

Kid Sandal (5month-4years)..

Kid Sandal (5months-4years)

Kid Sandal (5months-4years)..

Lady Shoes

Lady Shoes..

Lboeuk Scarf

The Lboeuk Scarf is a hand woven scarf made of the finest silk. It is one of the specialties of t..

Leisure bag (raw silk)

The Leisure Bag has a number of functions, due to its choice of shapes. It is made from raw silk, ..

Long Sleeve Shirt

The Long Sleeve Shirt is a wrap-around garment that can be worn at either formal or casual events...

Long Sleeves Traditional Shirt

The Long Sleeves Traditional Shirt is the perfect formal attire for the men who want to dress to ..

Magic organza scarf

Made of pure silk. 7.5cm x 140cm.  ..

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